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NEWS: 3/25/11

3/25/11 – Success Stories

Fast Food Franchise, Nationwide:

A national franchise wanted to roll out some equipment for each franchisee that cost approximately $25,000 to install. They called us because they wanted to get this done quickly and give the franchisees an opportunity to get on board with the new breakfast campaign. We provided a factor for the credit card payments of all franchisees above a 650 credit score and all below a 650 credit score. In addition, we will be administering the finances to these 500 locations who choose to finance the new equipment with us. It will make the financing part the quickest and easiest portion of the project for the franchisor.

Hotel Owner, OH

This franchisee was mandated to perform $300,000 in renovations. He had two other hotels with an average monthly credit card volume of $100,000 each. The bank offered to extend his 21 year loan for an additional three years at his current terms. The problem was that the 7.1% loan was only guaranteed for six years and he would have points, appraisal fees and financials to submit on top of paying the additional three years at about $19,000 a month. That was over $700,000 for the 7.1% loan and it would be on his credit report for over two decades. He had very good credit and was able to negotiate a total payment of $372,000 for his $300,000 which he would pay back over the next 12 months from about 10% of his daily credit card receivables from the three hotels. This solution was much less expensive, much less time consuming without disturbing his current lender position and it was complete in a relatively short period so there was no uncertainty beyond the 12 months. In future years he is leaving his bank position in place unburdened with maximum flexibility.

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