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Challenging economic times have required modifications to be made in the financial industry. It is harder than ever for businesses to obtain a traditional bank loan. Capital Edge Funding has the resources to provide an array of options to your small/medium size business. The bridge lending solutions our team provides will allow you to rearrange the existing financial state and secure the future cash flow of your business.

Capital Edge Funding is an efficient alternative to the traditional business loan. By having the ability to utilize a variety of funding methods – depending on which suits your business best - we are able to finance any business that has been previously declined for a traditional loan.

Capital Edge offers a simple application process in order for your business to qualify and receive funds without delay. You can be pre-approved within 24 hours and receive funding 7-10 business days after approval.

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"There are two kinds of investors; those that don't know which way the market is going, and those that don't know they don't know which way the market is going"

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